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One of the Center’s most important services is the nutrition program. Visitors who are 60 years and over can enjoy nutritious and balanced meals at the Center Monday through Friday. A companion meal-delivery service is offered to qualified area neighbors who cannot come to the Center.

Social Activities

Remaining active and connected to others is important to seniors’ physical and mental well- being. At the Kling Center, seniors find a welcome, caring environment where they can meet and share time and activities with people their own age.


Arts and crafts, social events, games, and trips to nearby attractions are sponsored by the Center. These and similar activities keep seniors challenged, engaged, and involved.


The Center hosts a calendar of guest speakers who present topics of interest to seniors, such as aging, Medicare and Medicaid, crime, finances and health. A bimonthly newsletter contains the Center’s schedule of upcoming events and informative articles for seniors. Using the latest technology, seniors have the opportunity to use computers and to access the internet.

Referral Services

Numerous elderly people require assistance when applying for and receiving affordable housing, social security, food stamp and medical services. The Kling Center referral service helps to unite these seniors with the appropriate government agencies, financial services and health care providers to meet their needs.

Outreach, Counseling and Health Related Services

For some older persons, aging presents a variety of difficult issues. The Kling Center’s Outreach, Counseling and Health-Related services are designed to address these concerns. Group and individual counseling services are provided on-site by qualified social workers. Blood pressure screening, exercise, assistance with medical insurance, and related services help ease the worry that some seniors face.