A History of Compassionate Support

The Kling Center, a not-for-profit neighborhood senior center, primarily serves residents in the Old Louisville, Smoketown, and Shelby Park areas of Louisville, Kentucky. Named for Arthur The Arthur S. Kling CenterS. Kling, a pioneer in advocating for senior citizen’s rights, the Center has its roots in the Social Services Department of the Hillebrand House and the former Model Area Services to the Elderly(MASE) program. It maintains a close working relationship with the Kentucky State AFL-CIO, and The Greater Louisville Central Labor Council. Center employees are members of the Service Employees International Union/National Conference of Firemen and Oilers, Local 320(SEIU/NCFO).

A Tradition of Quality Care

Since 1978, The Kling Center has provided assistance for older people who wish to enjoy active, healthy and independent lives. The Center accomplishes this mission through a range of services provided in a neighborhood, community setting.

Many thanks to Louisville Metro and Metro United Way for their continued support.